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Sinocat Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. Company Profile

  • China Sinocat Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
  • China Sinocat Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
  • China Sinocat Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
  • China Sinocat Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile
Sinocat Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Sinocat Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 688737), founded in 2005, is a list company in the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company is committed to the research and development of new materials and new energy technologies such as natural gas (CNG / LNG), diesel, gasoline and other fuel engine emission post-treatment catalysts (converters) and hydrogen fuel cell catalysts. The company is a key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Plan technology, R & D, manufacture, sales and service.

Driven by our "Clear Sky" dream, we have developed high performance catalysts and catalyst converters for natural gas, diesel gas and gasoline engines. We are also the first manufacturers to develop National VI and Euro VI catalysts here in China. Now, as a major catalyst converter manufacturer in China, Sinocat products are used by most of the major engine and auto makers here in China. Our catalysts are also export to Europe, the United States and other countries.

We believe that with the joint efforts of us and our clients, we will achieve worldwide  clear sky and friendly environmet for all human beings!




Signed a cooperation agreement with Sichuan University and established Sichuan Sinocat Exhaust Gas Purification Co., Ltd.




Completed a pilot production line withan annual output of 20 tons of rare earth catalytic materials.




Developed the first fully automaticcoating machine for motorcycle catalyst.




Directed and undertook the project of "The Purificatory andCatalytic Converter of Motorcycle Exhaust Gas” to comply with National IIIemission standard and above", which was financed by technology innovationfund for small and medium sized enterprise of ministry of science andtechnology.




Became the main supplier of catalyst for well-known motorcyclemanufacturers such as Suzuki, Yamaha and Dachangjiang.




Achieved sales of more than 200 million motorcycle catalysts, accomplished the company's keynon-standard equipment, and shaped a good brand image for company




Won the title of Key High-Tech Enterprise of China Torch Program;

Hosted and undertook the Science and Technology Special Project ofNational Industrial Revitalization and Technological Transformation - "Industrializationof SCR and DPF Particle Post-emission Treatment System for Automobiles";

Hosted and undertook the Science and Technology Special Projectfor R&D and Industrialization of National Rare Earth, Rare Metal, NewMaterial "R&D and Industrialization of Gasoline Vehicle Exhaust GasPurification Catalytic System";

Successfully constructed a production line with an annual outputof 500,000 liters of diesel catalysts for Euro V standard, and pioneered thedemonstration application of molecular sieve SCR catalysts for Euro V in Beijing.




Won the First Prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Progress;

Established Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center;

Relocated to No. 88 Gunan Street, Chengdu High-tech Zone, wherethe industrialized production base of automobile vehicle catalysts was completedand put into operation.




Established Sichuan Academician (Expert) Workstation;

Became the Head Organization of the Working group of NationalInternal Standards Committee on Post-emission Treatment Catalysts for InternalCombustion Engines.




Approved to establish a post-doctoral research station;

Carried out stockholding system reform and established SinocatEnvironmental Technology Co., Ltd.




Hosted and undertook the National Key R&D Project, "Researchon Pollution Emission Control Technology and System for Alternative FuelVehicles and Motorcycles".




Won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress;

Won the First Prize of Science and Technology Invention ofMachinery Industry;

Became the Executive Director Organization of the NationalEngineering Laboratory for Mobile Source Pollution Emission Control Technology,and presided over the construction of the Diesel Engine/Vehicle PollutionControl Technology Platform.




Won the First Prize of Science andTechnology Progress in Sichuan.





Achieved 1 billion yuan in Company’s operating revenue;

Acquired announcements for natural gas, gasoline and diesel catalysts of national VI standard and realized mass production, and achieved sales breakthrough for marine catalysts and hydrogen fuel cell catalysts.




Recognized as "National Enterprise Technology Center";Participated and undertook the National Key R&D Project, "Synthesis Technology and ---- Batch Fabrication of High-Performance/Anti-Poisoning Vehicle Fuel Cell Catalyst"; Won the title of "Sichuan Province Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise".

Achieved 2.5 billion yuan in Company’s operating revenue.




Listed in Shanghai Stock Market.


With the mission of "controlling air pollution and realizing blue sky and white clouds dream", Sinocat has established a marketing network covering the layout of domestic automobile industry, which provides customers with more efficient and superior services. In the future, a nationwide marketing service network will be established to provide customers with high quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

In order to meet the demand of in-service vehicle market moreefficiently, Sinocat has set up Jingdong Mall and WeChat Mall network platforms,thereby developing a complete after-sale service network. In the meantime, forthe purpose of coping with the automobile after-sale service market in aquicker way, the company has launched No.400 after-sale service hotline,e-registration system, and established after-sale mobile service vehicles andfixed maintenance sites. The R&D, production and sales departments in the companyaim to prioritize to fulfill the service demands and always adhere to thecustomer-centered service concept to create value for customers. Haze Control Hotline:40084456


Quality Assurance

Our Company carries out strict quality control for each set of post-treatmentproducts manufactured, and implements measures such as IATF16949 QualityManagement System, third-party product certification, product quality liabilityinsurance, and signs quality assurance agreements with users of post-treatmentproducts to ensure the interests of users.

(1) Our Company ensures the performance and service life of ourproducts, and provides product quality assurance. If the product is invalid orscrapped due to improper product design and installation, the company will repairor replace it for free.

(2) The product liability insurance is purchased during the warrantyperiod. In case of any safety accident during the use of the product, Sinocatwill assume all the responsibilities and compensate in advance.


After-sale Services
  • China Sinocat Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile 0

    01/ Service Contents Provided to Agents

    For the sake of ensuring that users of post-treatment productsenjoy convenient and quick after-sale service, Sinocat will provide exhaust post-treatmentdevices directly to agents (vehicle repair workshops or maintenance stations)instead of car users.
    The installation training of exhaust gas post-treatment devices. Themain contents consist of general knowledge of exhaust gas post-treatmenttechnology, technical requirements for installation, installation manuals andinstallation operation demonstrations. Sinocat issues installation license toagents who can pass the training and examination.
    (2) Performance testing and maintenance training for exhaust gas post-treatmentdevice. The main content primarily involves quality determination method of exhaustgas post-treatment device, testing and maintenance of control system, DPFregeneration in the post-treatment devices, replacement of purification componentsin post-treatment devices, etc..
    Providing timely technical consulting service.


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    02/ Service Content Provided to Vehicle Users

    (1)Real-time monitoring is performed on the operation of the vehicleexhaust post-treatment device. In case of abnormalities, the vehicle usersshould be notified to perform maintenance by themselves or attend the nearestagent (workshop or repair station) for testing and maintenance.
    (2)During the warranty period, the agent will replace the post-treatmentdevice with quality problems as required. The company's regional sales managerwill collect the replaced post-treatment devices on a regular basis.
    The Company provides 24-hour service hotline 400-848-456 torespond to the issues and requests from vehicle users and solve the problems reflectedby vehicle users in a timely manner.


Our Team

Research & Design


Our company has professional research and design teams for diesel catalyst, gasoline catalysts, natural gas catalysts, hydrogen energy.

There are around one hundred research and design experts and technicists in these teams.

We also established long term cooperation with prestigious universities here in China and many professors are also invited as technical consultants of our company.


Manufacturing Team


We have around three hundred skilled staff in our facotries and workshops  working together with hundreds of robots, machines to reach our huge manufacturing capability.



Marketing & Sales


We have a nation-wide marketing and sales team  to work closely with our clients. Besides China, we also have office and agents in other countries such as Europe to serve our clients.


There are around 50 members in marketing departments, including at home and abroad.